Location: Places >> Europe >> Ireland >> Dublin >> Dublin Longterm Accommodation Group - join this group to find a place or roommates or both .... and CS friendly!!!

Dublin Longterm Accommodation Group - join this group to find a place or roommates or both .... and CS friendly!!!


This group is where all accomodation posts should be placed. We are principally talking about PERIODS LONGER THAN ONE WEEK and as long as even life - who knows!! A week or under could be considered a period for hosting!

This group is NOT for people to put couch requests up however - the best way to get a couch is to send personalised couch requests directly to the cs hosts!

It is a more efficient way of helping your search for roommates or accommodation than placing a post in the main Dublin group which is thankfully full of the social and other posts!! This way your post wont get lost amidst the hectic life of Dublin Couchsurfing and you will get your dream roommate or place to live quicker!!

If you join the group specifically for roommates or places you can give this reason as to why youre joining - if your needs change all you need do then is to update this part of your group settings!

Dont forget though to post a message with your accomodation or roommate request!! This way you can give more information about your need and people can reply to it!

Please note that this is not an attempt to emulate the wonderful www.daft.ie .... rather it hopes to put some CS people together either to search together or to move in to accomodation already found or to fill that vacent bed in a CS friendly house!! To maximise your chances therefore use this group in conjunction with www.daft.ie or www.gumtree.ie !!

Hope this helps you all folks!


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DUBLINGUY DUBLINGUY moderator 05/23/2007
Adonides AmparoAdonides Amparo Because I Share a House 12/11/2013
Loïc CapdevilleLoïc Capdeville I go work in Dublin to June and july and I need to find accommodation 03/22/2014
Teodora GrapaTeodora Grapa We are looking for a flatmate in Dublin 3. 04/08/2014
Gary MylerGary Myler 10/14/2013
Justyna GrzesJustyna Grzes Because I'm looking for a place in Dublin 09/22/2013
Sebastien PaiementSebastien Paiement Will be moving in Dublin to study in September 2014 04/18/2014
Alex SpiropoulosAlex Spiropoulos 12/06/2013


Dublin Longterm Accommodation Group - join this group to find a place or roommates or both .... and CS friendly!!!01
Room for share with two more girls, really friendly31


  Title By Replies Date
Poll: A room in Dublin 2 or close to the south :)agathe9-  04/30/2014
Poll: Room to let, Crumlin, Dublin 12.DIZER2  02/24/2013
Poll: Sharemate project. Creating a housemate for the 4 or 5 people.AlineBT15  08/26/2012

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  Title By Replies Date
Ensuite bedroom available from June in a big flat in IFSCGreg Ler-  04/19/2014
Shared room available in city centre ( 5 minutes walking to the spire)Pascu Marius-  04/19/2014
2 friends from Argentina looking for a twin roomNacho Carreras-  04/19/2014
Photography student looking for a room in a nice chilled out house :)Ingela Stenberg-  04/17/2014
I´m looking room to rent for 3 months, starting from mid septemberEmi24-  04/16/2014
Looking for a housemate from 15th of May (Fairview area)Natalia Cuesta5  04/16/2014
Looking for a shared house from July until DecemberRubén Escobar-  04/16/2014
Looking for a place from now until May 19thElyse from Canada-  04/16/2014
Anybody want a bike?Elisha Gottstein-  04/15/2014
Hi! we have a single room available for a girl from the 27th of April,Arturo De Chavez-  04/15/2014
Looking for a room in a shared flat for 2 months, June to julyLoïc Capdeville-  04/15/2014
*URGENT* Are you looking for a place? Do you like dogs? Are you a nature lover ? Do you like sharing a house with other people? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact me!!!Valentina Gaia Lops-  04/15/2014
Looking for a shared room for 2 months from May/22 till July/22Vanessa Fontoura3  04/14/2014
Looking for a house-mate - girl Dublin 1 ( city centre )Pascu Marius-  04/13/2014
non-shared single room in D8Treasa Hickey-  04/10/2014
Looking for 2beds Room!Nacho Carreras-  04/10/2014
helloAgne Diminskyte-  04/09/2014
A room in a flatshareAgata Sion-  04/09/2014
1 Guy looking for a room!Nacho Carreras-  04/08/2014
Looking for a place to stay in Dublin from April 6!Igor Kustov3  04/07/2014
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