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This group is thought to activate and spread the CS communities in Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais and in Brazil as a whole. Besides also the other way round: to show this beautiful historic city to the world of the Couch Surfers!

Instead saying thanks give it forward.
And keep trusting people.

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Created: May 23, 2007
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Rafael SilveiraRafael Silveira moderator 05/23/2007
Rafael SilvaRafael Silva Currently living here 08/04/2011
Renie e Valéria ...Renie e Valéria ... Procurando couching na cidade 03/22/2014
Sarah SettineriSarah Settineri I'm visiting Ouro Preto!/ Tou visitando Ouro Preto! 04/16/2014
Rodney MaiaRodney Maia my city! very good place to live!! minha cidade! lugar muito bom de se viver 07/27/2011
Tammy CunhaTammy Cunha I also live in Ouro Preto and I am looking forward to meeting new people to hang out around this beautiful historic city of ours. :( 09/30/2013
Audrey RAudrey R want to meet locals 04/17/2014
Renan Viegas Renan Viegas Pretendo voltar! 10/21/2012


Ouro Preto MG1-


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Poll: quem anima subir o pico amanhã?ALEXANDRECOSTABARBOSA-  07/26/2012
Poll: CAMINHADA PICO DO ITACOLOMIRodney Blues1  07/23/2012

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Visitando novamente a cidadeRenan Viegas-  04/17/2014
Want to meet locals and looking for couch ! SAT 18 Sunday 19 !Audrey R-  04/17/2014
Couch Request AO ULTIMO MINUTO- Em troca: PANCAKES!Sarah Settineri2  04/16/2014
Programa de TV Turismo e ViagensGABRIELA COELHO PATRICIO-  04/02/2014
Pousada em Ouro PretoDouglas Luddens4  04/02/2014
Subir o Pico do ItacolomiSamira Silva2  03/24/2014
hospedagem em ouro preto para casal de ciclistasRenie e Valéria ...-  03/22/2014
Pico do Itacolomy el fin de semana? 21-22 diciembreRafael Silva1  03/18/2014
Carnaval em Ouro PretoSara Antar5  02/20/2014
Carnaval en Ouro PretoMarcela Gomez4  02/20/2014
conocer Ouro PretoJuan Camilo Molina-  02/12/2014
Couch request em Ouro Preto de duas PortuguesasMara Monteiro-  02/11/2014
Dicas Ouro PretoMonica Santos6  02/05/2014
visita Ouro Preto 24-26.01Jyri Salminen2  01/27/2014
Last minute request SOS! (para hoje)Cristian Lopez Rey1  01/22/2014
Host had to Cancel. Coming to Ouro on Thursday or Friday.Richard Garcia-  01/21/2014
Couch em FevereiroJuliette Vasconcellos-  01/16/2014
Last minute request for a couch in ouro preto!Clelia Cadamuro1  01/13/2014
Dispostos a dar um passeio pela cidadeRaíssa Teixeira -  01/09/2014
Cearenses no Carnaval 2014 em Ouro Preto! :DLeonardo Costa10  12/18/2013
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