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Paris théâtre


To enjoy theatre in Paris with CS member.
you're going to see a theatre play and you want to ask other CS to join you, ask them here ;o)
Maybe after that you can put some advice on it helping others in future choices.
(including opera)
PS: another subgroup is dedicated to concerts

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Created: Jun 4, 2007
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Group Posts

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3 invitations ce soir pour "Froid"ISISFR1  03/30/2012
Une invitation ce soir pour "Legere et sans Filtre"Elykia2  03/23/2012
INVITATION INAUGURATION Exposition Objets de théâtre : dessins, manuscrits. Craig / Kantor.Sylwia Walicka-  03/10/2012
Place pour UbuSoumeya .-  02/28/2012
Ubu au Café de la GareElykia-  02/26/2012
théatre demain invitationLaureGoldberg1  02/20/2012
Liaisons dangereuses /Théâtre de l'AtelierPARIS20-  02/17/2012
one man show de Greg Romano mercredi 15/02Henry-David Cohen-  02/14/2012
théatre invitations ce soir/ demainLaureGoldberg1  02/07/2012
Une invitation pour ce soirISISFR-  02/03/2012
2 invitations pour le 1er févrierISISFR3  01/31/2012
free ticket for a musical and theatre show tonite !ISISFR3  01/28/2012
Cs groupe: "Red Lions in Paris"...Dan Bizet-  01/22/2012
deux invitations pour demain !ISISFR-  01/17/2012
théatre invitation demainLaureGoldberg1  01/12/2012
spectacle 104 demain invitationLaureGoldberg2  12/30/2011
théatre ce soir 19h, labiche, gratuitLaureGoldberg1  12/27/2011
Ballet in January?ERINIRERIN-  12/24/2011
théatre ce soirLaureGoldberg1  11/29/2011
spectacle cendrars cet après midi gratuitLaureGoldberg2  11/20/2011