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Family hosting long term language & culture exchanges


This group is for families who might be interested in extending the idea of offering a couch (or better yet a bed) to a school student for a longer term exchange. For example 6 month with one family then six months in another family That is the two children have a year together and are like sisters or brothers. The host family welcomes the childs like their own child. The child goes to school like one of the family and so on.

Holiday exchanges are also possible and can be great, esp if continued for several years. The choice really is yours.

I have experiance several such exchanges welcoming children and letting my own children learn about another family for 6 months. As a result my three children (now 14,17, 25 ) are multilingual & children of Europe.

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Melanie Wilson Melanie Wilson moderator 06/04/2007
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Lisa_PucciniLisa_Puccini 04/13/2014
Franziska BussFranziska Buss interesting! :) 03/05/2014


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