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Cosmopolitan Vienna Book Club is open to anyone who enjoys reading novels in English, mostly contemporary ones, and discussing their ideas in meetings.

Members: 50
Created: Oct 10, 2012
Type: Public

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READER10 READER10 moderator 10/10/2012
Laura SturzeisLaura Sturzeis moderator i love reading and discussing books 10/14/2012
Patrycja SzczepanikPatrycja Szczepanik I'd love to talk about book with other people! 11/15/2012
dabulyudabulyu I like the idea of reading a book and talking about it, 10/20/2013
Zrinka MaticZrinka Matic Love to read 01/09/2014
ute_sute_s 03/26/2014
Bernhard HuemerBernhard Huemer Love reading books :) 08/15/2013
SOFAROXSOFAROX I love books, both as a reader and as a budding writer, and I'm in love with the English language (British English!) 10/15/2012