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A CS Group for the vienna metalab: http://metalab.at

The Metalab is a hacker space in Vienna, Austria -- an open center for people who do creative things with technology.

The main fields of interest of people you might find at the lab include urban hacking/street art, free public networks, "avant gaming" (augmented reality, etc), hardware hacking, ubiquitous computing, ai, security, photography, genetic programming, audio and video production, privacy and civil rights, etc...

Previous notable events hosted at the Metalab include the Chaos Computer Club's "Easterhegg" conference and the net art & culture festival Paraflows. Workshops have been held on topics like microcontrollers, the Blender3D open source software and social engineering. Several user groups and initiatives use the lab as a meeting space.

The non-profit association that operates the Metalab, some 100 members strong as of December 2006, sees itself solely as an infrastructure provider and exerts little influence over projects and events carried out at the lab. It currently finances its activities through membership fees, corporate sponsorships and public grants, although financial independence is a future goal. The space was openend in April 2006, and much work is still being done on the build-up of infrastructure.

Rathausstraße 6
A-1010 Wien

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Created: Jun 11, 2007
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Lydia Franc Lydia Franc moderator 06/11/2007
Clifford Wolf Clifford Wolf moderator kind of my 2nd living room 06/11/2007
J4Y4R J4Y4R What a question....Geek?:D 02/09/2011
lifewontwait lifewontwait 10/27/2008
Petar KosicPetar Kosic I'm a member 12/13/2013
Philipp Konrad Philipp Konrad 09/28/2013
Gabriel GrillGabriel Grill Because I am sometimes in the metalab. 01/23/2014
BEB0BEB0 I want rule the world with Arduino 05/22/2012


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