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Ecuador over 40's


This is for those interested in Ecuador who are over 40 years old. The group is in English, but feel free to write in Spanish...you might get an answer in English though. :)

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Created: Jun 11, 2007
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SINDUDASINDUDA moderator 06/11/2007
Walter VeraWalter Vera 09/17/2007
Monique Beaufort Monique Beaufort I visited Ecuador on February, liked the place and people and wish to move there in the future ...and is over 40' :-) 07/30/2011
Alvaro LopesAlvaro Lopes I have 49 years. 06/21/2013
Holly  Pulaski Holly Pulaski I am thinking about moving to Ecuador 03/24/2014
MAGIC-MAN-BARRY MAGIC-MAN-BARRY I would like to visit Ecuador, maybe move there. 08/24/2011


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