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Last Minute Couch Requests NYC


Need help finding a couch? Looking for a hostel? Read tips on our wiki: http://bit.ly/CSNYwiki or check out our map of affordable hostels & hotels: http://bit.ly/hnp0zg


In order to be a member of this group you must meet the following criteria

HOSTS (People living in/around NYC):
Must have (a) been verified and (b) must have two references.

SURFERS (people visiting NYC):
Must have a filled out profile with a picture of themselves.
Can only be a member for a brief time (you will be removed after the time).

These policies are being integrated as an added safety measure for all that utilize CS. While it may inconvenience/hamper some well meaning CSers, it is for the greater good.

Thanks. Below are some guidelines as well.

1) Please take extra care in reading peoples profiles if they offer you a couch.
2) Only post if you are looking for a couch within the next week.
3) Please read our suggestions in the guidelines about finding a couch.
4) Don't hesitate to contact a NYC Ambassador for advice or guidance.

Be smart about your safety, read these Safety basics and Safety tips!

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