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The Real Germany - Secrets in the land of Sauerkraut


This group wants to promote special places in Germany to fellow CSers travelling Germany. We want to encourage you to leave the scheme of Metropol-hooping and find out about the more rural sites in Germany, the hidden secrets and the beautiful places where there have been not too many others.
Fell free to submit any place you encountered and want to share with others! Describe it, add soem links, tell us what happened there. This page is not for the Oktoberfest and not for mUnich or Berlin. It is for the Weinfest in Rheinland-Pfalz and the Folk-Fest in Rudolstadt, towns like Trier, Lüneburg, Görlitz or Meissen. So if you want to contribute anything. PLEASE DO SO!

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KOOLKARMA KOOLKARMA moderator 06/18/2007
ROBINSON CRUSOROBINSON CRUSO I like small towns 06/02/2008
Judith EndersJudith Enders Because I am Ga Sauerkraut-Person 12/10/2009
railrunner railrunner want to surf rural 04/05/2012
Stefan.Andreas Stefan.Andreas I'm typical German 05/11/2013
Jose Luis Ocaña PujolJose Luis Ocaña Pujol 04/15/2014
Merlin Lüdenbach Merlin Lüdenbach Because i do know some hidden places... 04/17/2011
Steffen AlderSteffen Alder Germany is big 01/10/2009


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