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Alessandro  Lorusso Alessandro Lorusso moderator Skipper & Cruising Sailing Instructor (Founder of this group) 01/07/2005
honlohonlo 10/09/2012
Samy Geser Samy Geser 05/11/2011
Stéphane SeafaxStéphane Seafax information 06/13/2013
David Novák David Novák Aspiring captain... 01/07/2012
Jonas CollinsJonas Collins Looking for crew as I sail back to California 05/28/2010
Dylan Lyon Dylan Lyon 02/28/2014
Jonny Payman Jonny Payman 07/09/2010


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Flagged postsModerator 6  02/21/2009
Sail From Brazil to Florida, USAJohn Perry-  04/19/2014
El Salvador to Costa Rica to PanamaScott Schreiber-  04/17/2014
sailing the small boat convoy :D crew wantedFernando Montoya2  04/15/2014
sailing in europeEva Blereau1  04/14/2014
Looking for opportunity like a crew memberMaya Grey6  04/13/2014
Looking east from Sint Maarten to EuropeJan Petter Dahlgren-  04/11/2014
Crew wanted! 6 places left. Catamaran in Croatia 14.-21.06.Philipp Bacher-  04/11/2014
Stewardess Looking for a sail yacht or a motor Yacht in the South of FranceAggie Skorupska-  04/08/2014
Sail from Trinidad to BarbadosMOWGOW-  04/08/2014
Cruising the Caribbean on a CatamaranRUNAWAY_REINHARD1  04/06/2014
Sailing the southern coast of Pacific MexicoErlin Loving3  04/05/2014
Sailboat from Italy to Greece NEEDED!Rotten WaterMellon-  04/01/2014
Coasting 2014 - Spain, Portugal, N Africaandy Webster-  03/30/2014
Trip of a lifetime. UK to TogoCaptMart-  03/29/2014
Sailing from Malaysia to ThailandAlysia Henry-  03/29/2014
Looking for sail in BelizeMichael Clough-  03/28/2014
sailing in ThailandMaya Grey6  03/27/2014
help sailing in uk south coast east to westFernando Montoya-  03/27/2014
Boating meets Burning Man.ROCKCITYFIRE3  03/27/2014
Sailing from Amsterdam to Italy to find out what European Union really isFederica Rebaudengo1  03/27/2014
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