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for residents and lovers of Prenzlauer Berg, the most exciting area in Berlin

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KA.KAO KA.KAO moderator my neighbourhood 12/27/2008
LIMNICLIFE LIMNICLIFE moderator that's where my couch lives ;-) 02/28/2009
Lukas HolterLukas Holter living here 04/15/2014
Mariana AyalaMariana Ayala Because I live in prenzlauer berg 04/15/2014
Tony ShiTony Shi Prenzlauer Berg 03/23/2014
 Yusti Fabi Yusti Fabi i'm here 12/28/2013
Roberto GarcíaRoberto García Because I live here too ! 06/24/2008


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Flagged postsModerator 1  08/17/2012
looking for a german teacher or a good school to learn german!silvia Pasquetto5  12/24/2012
Moshi? Moshi? my Japanese for your German!George Tamagotchi Amai-  12/19/2012
♥♥♥ 13/12/2012 Thursday - The weekly CS Meeting with the heart! @SoupaNova Bar ♥♥♥Guenther Dorn-  12/12/2012
Anyone fancy meeting up on Fri/Sat (7.12./8.12.)?Tamir Hassan-  12/06/2012
Looking for a 2 bedrooms apartment starting from January 2013 for 4 monthssilvia Pasquetto-  12/06/2012
An Israeli-German new dance production is coming to Berlin-looking for photographers, videographers and volunteers in production, lighting, promotion and press from 28.11 to 3.12.Meredith Nadler-  11/19/2012
New Year's EveLuisa Naujoks-  11/15/2012
||Let´s-talk-about-your-photography meeting||COHIBA2-  11/12/2012
Looking for a flat to share with polish speakersJames Lafa-  11/07/2012
Spanisch lernen in Prenzlauer Berg!Pablo Gutierrez-  11/07/2012
This TuesdayKAROLUSS-  11/04/2012
Drink tonight, maybe Salsa@Soda Club?MARIAPHILO2  11/01/2012
Housing/Spare room for rent in Prenzlauer Berg!Varun Gupta-  10/31/2012
TONIGHT! Klezmer-Swedish-Irish-Serbian folk! FLYING GEFILTE FISH!Gabriel Wolff-  10/26/2012
Moin Badminiton buddysJohann Linke9  10/26/2012
Non-smoking bars in Prenzlauer Berg?bartfrench1  10/26/2012
The Flying Gefilte Fish en Concert tomorrow, 21:00!Gabriel Wolff-  10/25/2012
Ping Pong? Somewhere inside! Sunday!Jakob Meliles6  10/06/2012
Various items for sale!THURZDAYNEXT1  10/02/2012