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This group is about giving your time, your energy, and your skills to help where ever you can. In general I am against the principal of paying to volunteer.

Beware of High Priced Volunteer Organizations and Scams!

The best case scenario in a volunteer program is one where you are provided with a place to sleep, basic meals and some pocket money in exchange for your time and effort. In some cases you may have to pay for your own lodging and food (at a low cost) which you would have to do when travelling anyway, but that is a small price to pay if you really want to help.

Volunteering is free, you shouldn't have to pay $$$ to help people... your time and willingness is payment enough.

Members without complete profiles or with negative references may be removed - please report any questionable "organizations" or individuals asking you for money online. Commercial Spam will be reported. Abusive behavior will not be tolerated.

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Jim Levesque Jim Levesque moderator You shouldn't have to pay to volunteer... 06/08/2009
mybluecruisemybluecruise Summer Job Turkey 04/19/2014
Piotr PiluchowskiPiotr Piluchowski i am on the road and looking for opportunity to be volunteer 03/24/2014
SarajevoAmraSarajevoAmra 12/17/2013
diego Benedettidiego Benedetti 02/03/2014
Joshua MahendraJoshua Mahendra 12/17/2013
Tomas PetrauskasTomas Petrauskas 01/23/2014
Ayu MuthiaAyu Muthia i want to become a volunteer worldwide, traveling and helping at the same time 04/19/2014


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