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the Istiklal, Galata, Pera, Cihangir, Cukurcuma, Taksim, Karakoy, Tophane, Tunel, etc. etc. Here is to all the wonderful places that we all know as Beyoglu!
To most people Beyoglu is just where they go for the nightlife or for shopping... and with the millions of people who come here every day, it is easy to feel anonimous and to forget that for some of us this is HOME! So although this group is for all things going on in and around Beyoglu (and anyone who likes to be here), I would like to dedicate it specifically to those of us who live in Beyoglu and would like to make friends with their fellow neighbors and CS-ers!

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Nia StoykovaNia Stoykova moderator 06/24/2007
Margo JafaridzeMargo Jafaridze I spent a week there 03/26/2014
Tolgahan KoçakTolgahan Koçak 12/08/2013
Burak HavukBurak Havuk live in beyoglu 05/13/2011
Ergün AğtaşErgün Ağtaş 03/28/2013
Sevinc DurgutSevinc Durgut love beyoğlu :) 01/10/2014
Damla ErbahanDamla Erbahan because I loove beyoglu ! 06/26/2011
Evren ÖzkoçEvren Özkoç 09/26/2010


lookıng for some underground place ın Beyoglu!2-

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