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for everyone who loves, has loved Poland for many reasons:)

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Created: Jun 24, 2007
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KATARZYNA.FRKATARZYNA.FR moderator 06/24/2007
Jonathan ShawJonathan Shaw I fell in love with the country! :) Learnt the language and have nearly been to every city in Poland! :) 08/17/2011
Etem HalilEtem Halil Poland is my second home:) 02/05/2008
RegenwaldRegenwald Once i was there, i fell in love with Poland 08/02/2009
JOSEPVUELA JOSEPVUELA visiting Poland for paraglide over and love it 03/23/2014
Fran UrbanFran Urban First time I saw Poland I fell in love with it!!! 02/24/2009
PeterandJanette PeterandJanette We love Poland. A number of visits and still coming back 02/25/2014
Viesturs KaukersViesturs Kaukers To learn more about Poland 08/05/2013


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a blog about foreigners in PolandKamila K-  11/09/2013
a cool inernational event in an old castle of iranJohnny Roberts -  10/05/2013
PODRÓŻ KRAKÓW-SENEGAL!Jot Tylka-  06/25/2013
Visiting Krakow & Warsaw !Tolga Yanasik-  05/15/2013
Motorami dookoła PolskiKrzysiek Sawicki-  06/25/2012
*** 3rd KRAKÓW INT. GATHERING (Poland, 18-20th of May) ***Dorota Rozek-  04/20/2012
not necessarily famous places in Poland worth visiting!!!KATARZYNA.FR4  01/04/2012
Autostopowy Sylwester w Bieszczadach / Hitchhiking New Year's Eve in the BieszczadyPaweł Bartnik-  12/27/2011
FESTA ITALIANA on Club '70 - Thursday 14th of AprilFrancesco Cornacchia-  04/12/2011
FESTA ITALIANA on Club '70Francesco Cornacchia-  04/01/2011
FESTA ITALIANA on Club '70 - WarsawFrancesco Cornacchia-  04/01/2011
poland is my second favorite country in the world.Mohamed Ghavami-  02/06/2011
Sylwester w Barcelonie- autostopem ;)Paweł Bartnik-  10/20/2010
best means of transport in Poland?Masha_Moscowskaya6  02/03/2010
Hello, Poland lovers!Tadashi Ozawa-  07/16/2009
Hidden beauties of PolandMasha_Moscowskaya-  04/12/2009
I wanna meet people from polandeammy Kab1  09/29/2008
legendary polish film festival `film polska` in Berlin - more than 90 moviesThomas Reichert2  04/29/2008
Polish-German exchange? polsko-niemiecka wymiana?Thomas Reichert4  03/26/2008
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