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Intended to let older travelers know who we are and how to find each other. Older is how you define it. There's nothing more to this group than networking and having fun.

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Created: Jun 24, 2007
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Eleanor LevineEleanor Levine moderator 06/24/2007
CKATHY CKATHY 12/20/2012
Barbara JohnsonBarbara Johnson I am a 58 years young female travelling to Amsterdam and then London UK with my sisterinlaw and want to experience meeting mature travellers 07/27/2013
Franky CordonnierFranky Cordonnier I'm almost 44 and it seems a great idea to join this group. The majority of CS members is 20+ 12/27/2013
Sandra LeslieSandra Leslie Want to see the world, from my perspective. 06/10/2013
Jhana ChoongJhana Choong I am no longer young but I am OK with this age. 06/24/2013
thuy Hathuy Ha This is the group of my age 10/16/2013
Sylvia RothSylvia Roth Host and travel 10/10/2013


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