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April 2013 France Meet Up


To plan for the April 2013 50+ meet up in the Dordogne.

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Created: Dec 1, 2012
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HASTOBE_KATT HASTOBE_KATT moderator 12/01/2012
Sheryl HarawitzSheryl Harawitz parce que je viens -- 12/01/2012
SUNFLOWER_W SUNFLOWER_W love all regions of France :-) 12/06/2012
Cadence Kelly Cadence Kelly 12/01/2012
Roger_Rio Roger_Rio I was already planning a trip to Europe around this time 01/05/2013
Galina NaydenovaGalina Naydenova I would like to see nice people.. 12/07/2012
YWC_YES_WE_CAN YWC_YES_WE_CAN meeting 12/29/2012
Tina PotterTina Potter a meetup sounds good to me 01/26/2013



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Poll: CS Messenger empty - all post lost !!!???SUNFLOWER_W1  08/09/2013

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Planning effortsRoger_Rio81  03/08/2013
Historical backgroundHASTOBE_KATT9  02/28/2013
Travelling to the DordogneHASTOBE_KATT55  01/31/2013
what about the groups?SUNFLOWER_W1  01/30/2013
a little bit more info please?PAXXIE6  01/24/2013
Nearby accommodationHASTOBE_KATT43  01/22/2013
Sending money to FranceRoger_Rio10  01/17/2013
Car shareHASTOBE_KATT14  01/15/2013
MoneyJo Scott-  01/12/2013
Sunflower pollJocelyn Lalonde8  01/10/2013
Joining GroupJane Carhart5  12/29/2012
OOPSJane Carhart2  12/10/2012
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