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Pura Vida Costa Rica!


Created to organise a meeting in Costa Rica in March, 2013.

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Created: Dec 3, 2012
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Linda Templeton Linda Templeton Attending the group meeting "Si Dios quiere" 12/24/2012
Sanda and Brian Everette Sanda and Brian Everette I spent a month in Costa Rica attempting to learn Spanish 15 years ago. It would be good to go back. 12/17/2012
BETSYTAYLOR BETSYTAYLOR I would like to travel to CR in March! 12/03/2012
Stephanie BrownStephanie Brown trying to meet new people 01/27/2013
JANJASMINE JANJASMINE I'm drawn to the concept and the place. I want an immersion experience. 12/26/2012
Sheila StroudSheila Stroud because if its organized by Sharon, its fun! 12/17/2012


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Friendly skies...SARAMANDAIA-  12/19/2012
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Sounds like a great idea!Virginia Hoffman3  12/17/2012
Choosing the destination and datesATERRY15  12/17/2012
UpdateSARAMANDAIA-  12/14/2012
March datesSARAMANDAIA6  12/11/2012
Hotel options near our townSARAMANDAIA-  12/05/2012
Here's the linkSARAMANDAIA-  12/03/2012
Welcome!SARAMANDAIA1  12/03/2012
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