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The people of this group realized that TV is an absolutely unnecessary part of life. We see much better alternatives what we can do instead of sitting hours of hours in front of a coloured window :)

"To get rid of the world of media and cultural opinion-leaders is like a step in a different, magic world.
It´s like a step back to reality. The time of illusions is over."

Hávard Simensen, lawyer and independent author

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Created: Jun 26, 2007
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Dasha TcherniaevaDasha Tcherniaeva might be the best thing to do 04/17/2014
Bianca JakobiBianca Jakobi 04/15/2014
DaH BDaH B I'm just interested how many people also are around the globe without a tv. 06/26/2007
Burak BağkesiciBurak Bağkesici Because ı really wanna kill my tv 04/11/2013
Matthew RedmondMatthew Redmond 04/19/2014
Pia JPia J 04/22/2014
Joseph KernigerJoseph Kerniger I'm not wasting my time sitting in front of a Telly anymore: Now I'm busy wasting my time in the Internet. 04/21/2014


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