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I thought it'd be a great idea to have a group where gay/lesbian travelers from around Canada could meet! Also, to welcome others from different countries and offer our advice and knowledge on the queer scenes throughout our vast nation.

Throughout my personal travels, I've found it can be difficult to meet others with a similar sexual preference. Its nice to meet people like yourself. It can be difficult to find interesting places to go to, and more often than not, what places to avoid.

The mission for this group is to just make meeting other gays/lesbians easier for you, so your travels can be everything and more you were hoping for.


*LGBT Friendly
**Inclusive of all races, genders, and orientations
***This group is not intended for dating purposes

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Created: Dec 7, 2012
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rusted.rustyrusted.rusty moderator 12/07/2012
Todd MurchisonTodd Murchison Looking for gay friendly within Canada 12/22/2013
Rodrigo DíazRodrigo Díaz Fun people to know :D 12/30/2013
Geoff Bannoff Geoff Bannoff We're a gay couple and have hosted people at our farm in the BC Interior. Dates are variable, but during summer 2013 we may be able to host a bit up there. Note: Our home in Vancouver no longer has a couch - a former couchsurfer became our boarder. 03/18/2013
Mike and Paul Mike and Paul Have a couch on Prince Edward Island 12/17/2012
Manuel Villa Manuel Villa I can host or give a tour of Vancouver. Always nice to meet kindred spirits 02/11/2013
Darren DonahueDarren Donahue Looking to make gay male friends both from Canada & abroad 10/13/2013
Ritchie  Nadeau Ritchie Nadeau Has couple we feel great to be able and in a position to offer a safe place for other gay traveller 12/10/2012


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Gay Couple in halifaxmatthew grant Baker3  01/08/2013
Come to Prince Edward IslandMike and Paul1  01/08/2013
Headed east from SaskatoonShadwell McKenzie4  01/01/2013
Regina boundShadwell McKenzie-  12/31/2012
Happy Holidays!rusted.rusty1  12/26/2012
50 Members!rusted.rusty-  12/19/2012
looking for a couch in St. John´sFlavio Nienow1  12/18/2012
looking for a couch for tonightBernardino Hernandez4  12/12/2012
I live in Victoria, B.C, happy to host friend in this group!Joshua Yin3  12/11/2012
Beautiful marriage equality videorusted.rusty-  12/11/2012
Sweet Fifteen!rusted.rusty-  12/10/2012
Promote!rusted.rusty1  12/08/2012
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