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Last Minute Couch Requests - Budapest


Writing personal requests, but everyone you choose is busy? In such a popular city, you're not alone... Don't worry, here are our 3 easy steps to finding a last minute host ::

1. Write a message here, and be sure to include arrival and departure dates - we need to know when to meet you : )

2. Remember, the more filled out your profile, the greater the chance someone reads it and absolutely must meet you!

3. Reply to your post when you've found a host! You'll stop getting offers, and others will know the group works!

Hosts, don't worry, you've got a 3 step program too ;-)

1. Subscribe!

2. Let CS send you mails from this group as they arrive. (Optional, but who knows what you might miss while you're busy looking busy at work. ; )

3. Read excellent posts from incredible people and let them into your home!

See, that didn't hurt a bit ;-)

Thanks much, and happy surfing : )


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Mark KovacsMark Kovacs moderator i like last minute requests 12/10/2012
Joacim Häggmark Joacim Häggmark moderator 12/10/2012
Balazs JuhaszBalazs Juhasz I am ready to host 12/17/2013
POCKETLAWYERPOCKETLAWYER Got some urge to help others 10/17/2013
GERGELY1981 GERGELY1981 I can offer last minute couch 02/11/2014
Zoltán HunyadváriZoltán Hunyadvári It can be useful ;). 04/15/2014
Cagatay AtaCagatay Ata !!! 04/16/2014
Yalda YazdaniYalda Yazdani 09/01/2013


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Flagged postsModerator 1  08/06/2013
Friendly solo traveler looking for last-minute host April 3-7 !!Casey McCoy1  03/31/2014
Two Ukrainians are looking for couchNina Siziukhina1  03/31/2014
1st (and 7) of april in budapest unexpectedly :)Sanne Bongers1  03/30/2014
Heyho, 2 germans seek a couch for 3 nights! :) 30th MarchMelina Offenburger2  03/30/2014
In Budapest now, one non obnoxious, non far American looking for a couch and a Hungarian friendAdam Higgins1  03/30/2014
A French by accident in town 31st of March 2 nights )Carlos Gonzalez2  03/30/2014
Looking for a host(April 1st - April 3rd)Ying Xie1  03/29/2014
two girls from the heart of Eurasia seek a couch for april 1-2Aisana Beisenbayeva1  03/29/2014
2 single beds available in my room in the boat hostel in front of marguerite islandAIMANOU-  03/29/2014
Last minute couchrequest! Coming to Budapest today (28.03)!Kamil and Aga Choina-  03/28/2014
polak węgier dwa bratanki :)Piotr Kaczor-  03/27/2014
Desperate last minute planner from Berlin!! :-oViswa Jagadeesan-  03/26/2014
Last minute request for a couple for tomorrow night, 26thBRIGHELLA2  03/26/2014
Last minute shootingMario Brucker-  03/26/2014
Two funny girls go to BUDAPESHTViktoria Aleksandrovna-  03/24/2014
Hungry hitch hiker heads to Hungary, hunts hosts. (But not actually hunts, just searches for)Tom Bateman-  03/23/2014
Last minute request from Ukrainian guy for one night (23.03-24.04)Serhiy Pishkovtsiy1  03/23/2014
last minute shower request!Joss Gardner-  03/22/2014
American traveler dealing with lack of internet for past few days looking for a place through TuesdayBen Luben-  03/22/2014
unorganized traveller who sucks at planning needs a couchschopenowski -  03/21/2014
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