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WELCOME to the Hong Kong CouchSurfing Group: an active, enthusiastic community of members that work to make CS experiences in this amazing city memorable.

The Hong Kong CouchWiki site answers many FAQs about CS and the city. Be sure to check it out for the low down on HK's unique couch situation and other relevant information.

TWO WEEKLY GATHERINGS of the CS masses happen every Thursday and Saturday night. Look out for the weekly post submitted by the organisers for information regarding the events and the chance to submit your interest or questions.

1.) Saturdays - Kowloon Meetup
Venue: Alchemists Cafe/Bar ("Shop1")- 27 Poplar Street, Prince Edward
Tel: 2779 0559
Time: 9.45pm-3am

Map and Directions:

From Cheung Sha Wan MTR Station exit C2, Go straight for 2 blocks until you reach Cheung Wah Street (you'll go pass a carpark building and a Sports Centre), Turn right to go into Cheung Wah Street, and then turn left on the first block, go few steps down, the bar is on your left side and it has a big white circle lightbox about your head.

2.) Thursdays - HK Island Meetup
Venue: Le Jardin
Tel: 2877 1100
Time: 8.30pm-11pm

Map and Directions:

From Central MTR Station exit D1 or D2, cross Queen's Road Central and walk up D'Aguilar Street. After crossing Wellington Street, look for Wing Wah Lane, a narrow pedestrian laneway on the right. Walk to the end of the lane and you will see lots of restaurants with outdoor seating. Turn left and look for the concrete stairs at the end on the right. They will lead you to Le Jardin's plastic doors about halfway up.

This group follows general CS Guidelines regarding use of community forums. Kindly note that subgroups for the following topics exist and should be utilised before posts to the main group are made:

- LAST MINUTE Couch Search - Hong Kong
- Hong Kong - Apartment/Flat-Share Hunting
- Hong Kong - For Sale
- Hong Kong - Job Search
- Hong Kong Hiking group
- HK Language Exchange
- LGBT Hong Kong
- HK Photography

Happy and safe CouchSurfing everyone! The emergency number in Hong Kong for police, ambulance and fire is 999. Be mindful of the CS safety considerations and enjoy everything this vibrant city has to offer.

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