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Vacations.. unhealthy diet.... lack of exercise...That’s a common worry as many of us take vacations and end up disrupting our normal fitness routines.

This group is meant for 2 sets of people

1. Travelers who want to keep a healthy lifestyle while on vacation
2. Locals who like to explore a new area of their city with new running/jogging/cycling buddies

Post your travel plans here and hopefully you will find locals looking forward to accompany you on their runs and in turn show you around a new neighborhood.

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Created: Dec 11, 2012
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Ankit Gupta Ankit Gupta moderator 12/11/2012
Claudia ZimmermannClaudia Zimmermann 12/11/2012
Russell GutierrezRussell Gutierrez I love to run and cycle around HK. 12/13/2012
caiicaii looks like fun :D 12/18/2012
Avi AvAvi Av runing all my life 12/13/2012
SIIOKSIIOK I'm trying to run the world (pun not intended) 12/13/2012
Maxime MalardMaxime Malard I love runing and would like to meeto more and more running people! 01/25/2014
Simon PalmbladSimon Palmblad Crosscoutry-skier from sweden, feeling bad in lack of exercise 12/13/2012


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São Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro, Jan 20th 2013Island of Alexandre Andrade-  12/23/2012
Berlin runsClaudia Zimmermann3  12/17/2012