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XVII. Mediterranean Games 2013 MERSIN


History of the Games

The Mediterranean Games are sport competitions that are organized in every four years among the countries along the Mediterranean Sea. These competitions are organized with the aim of ensuring the social and cultural rapprochement among the Mediterranean Countries. The Mediterranean Games are based on the Olympic rules, and the competitions are completed within 13 days.
The idea of the Mediterranean games first came up during London Olympic Games in 1948 with Turkish origin Muhammed Tahir Pasha's proposal, the president of Egyptian Olympic Committee and the Vice-President of International Olympic Committee.
The nine Mediterranean countries including Turkey accepted this proposal, and the International Committee for the Mediterranean Games (ICMG) was established in 1961. The committee, whose seat has been founded in Athens, decided to hold the Games in a coastal city of a Mediterranean Country in every four years among athletes of those countries.
The first Mediterranean Games were held in Alexandria on 5-12 October in 1951 with the participation of 734 athletes from 10 countries.
Having participated in all the Mediterranean Games, Turkey had hosted the VIth Mediterranean Games, in İzmir 1971.
The XVIth Mediterranean Games were held in 2009 with the participation of 3.458 athletes from 23 countries in Pescara, Italy.
Athleticism, basketball, cycling, boxing, gymnastics, fencing, football, wrestling, weightlifting, handball, judo, table tennis, tennis, sailing, swimming and volleyball are compulsory sport branches partaking in all Mediterranean Games program.
The most successful country of the Mediterranean Games held up to now is Italy regarding number of medals.

1951 Alexandria / EGYPT
1955 Barcelona / SPAIN
1959 Beirut / LEBANON
1963 Naples / ITALY
1967 Tunis / TUNISIA
1971 İzmir / TURKEY
1975 Algiers / ALGERIA
1979 Split / YUGOSLAVIA
1983 Casablanca / MOROCCO
1987 Latakia / SYRIA
1991 Athens / GREECE
1993 Languedoc - Roussillon / FRANCE
1997 Bari / ITALY
2001 Tunis / TUNISIA
2005 Almeria / SPAIN
2009 Pescara / ITALY
2013 Mersin / TURKEY

Mersin had already announced its candidacy to host the 2013 Mediterranean Games; however, Volos, Greece had been selected as the host city in the General Assembly and candidate selection that were held in 2007 in Pescara, Italy.
Following this decision, Mersin applied for Mediterranean Games, 2017.
However, with the decision of the ICMG on 28 January 2011, the host of Mediterranean Games was withdrawn from Volos, Greece. In response, the ICMG nominated three cities: Tarragona, Tripoli and Mersin.
As a result of voting, on 23 February 2011, Mersin has been announced as the host of the Mediterranean Games, 2013.
2013 Mersin XVIIth Mediterranean Games will be held between 20th and 30th of June in Mersin.

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