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This is a group where people can arrange carpooling/ shareriding/ sharing ride.. whatever you call it :) I believe this can be a great part of the CS experience and there is no functioning group so far. Join and enjoy!

Also be welcome to start new groups for you country, continent or area :)

As I learned later, there are some similar groups on CS already, so I am sharing their links so that you can check them out too:

I go here .... do you need a lift ???

Ride share

Ride sharing

Car pooling, car sharing, offer and needed rides

Australia, carpooling from Sydney to other cities

Brasil carpooling group

Canada - Rideshare & travel buddies Montréal / Covoiturage et voyages

France - Rideshare/ Covoiturage

France - Paris Carsurfing/ Covoiturage/ Carsharing

Israel carpooling group

Mexico - Carsurfing

Sites outside of CS:


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Created: Dec 27, 2012
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Barbora HubenáBarbora Hubená moderator 12/27/2012
Josie MajicJosie Majic share service for rides 04/15/2013
Shailesh Singhal Shailesh Singhal 05/09/2013
synthiaperezsynthiaperez Looking to meet new people on the road! 08/27/2013
Rajesh ChitturiRajesh Chitturi I own a car n intrested to share a ride! 04/29/2013
k1 Jefk1 Jef I like to shae 01/11/2014
Niki KraskaNiki Kraska I'm a driver and a carpooler! 04/17/2014
Aurora BrnicevicAurora Brnicevic To utilize! 04/17/2013


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CS Carpool - Gay Florida1-
CS Carpool - India211
CS Carpool - Iran275115
CS Carpool Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda1-
CS Carpool Kuwait11
CS Carpool Libya5-
CS Carpool - Portland, OR2-
CS Carpool – Qatar61
CS Carpool - South America41
CS Carpool - UK3-
CS Carpool - USA2412


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Poll: Volunteers in Tanzania and Safaris InformationGODFREY.WILLY1  03/13/2013

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  Title By Replies Date
San Diego to Vegas April 24thNiki Kraska-  04/17/2014
Cleveland to Grand Canyon! Ride needed! June!Aurora Brnicevic-  04/12/2014
BRASIL in JUNE. Trip to the northeast.Laura Matyas Carvajal-  04/04/2014
Cleveland to Las Vegas! June! share a ride with me!Aurora Brnicevic-  03/17/2014
Looking for ride from Mexico City to USA asapRob J. Greenfield-  02/14/2014
Asking for a little helpVirág Réti-  02/10/2014
Ride from Kiruna to Poland! via Denmark and Germany - close to Netherlands and Norway as wellMichał Szmytkowski-  02/05/2014
2 minute survey - Need your help! Creating my own business and planning a USA tourHUGUETTE1  01/10/2014
Need a ride from WY to Portland or SeattleAsrune Reed-  12/30/2013
From Austria to ItalyChris in CT-  12/19/2013
Anyone going west? Cleveland to Las Vegas?Aurora Brnicevic-  11/30/2013
SC ot IL and backAlita Hawksworth-  11/11/2013
Actually I think this website could be useful!Barbora Hubená-  10/27/2013
knoxville, TN - NCChris Gardner-  08/11/2013
Cross Country Insane Road Trip JulyScott Schwartz3  07/23/2013
Cleveland to Chicago! Looking for a ride!Aurora Brnicevic-  07/15/2013
i have a car and will be driving around the US july-august!Zahava Mandelbaum5  07/13/2013
RIDE OFFER: NY to VIRGINIAZahava Mandelbaum-  07/12/2013
louisiana to orlandoakdam Hamed-  07/10/2013
July 11: Sacramento/SF - Portland/SeattleSefanit Tades-  07/10/2013
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