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This group has been created to brainstorm ideas, concepts, formats, and terminology, with the objective to create a more efficient couchsearch functionality (ie: providing more relevant search results for members).

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Created: Jul 4, 2007
Type: Public

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ADVENTUROUS7 ADVENTUROUS7 Want to help. 11/23/2011
Gio Cannì Gio Cannì I think I might have some ideas about how to improve the couchsearch :) 08/29/2011
Jen JudJen Jud same same 09/03/2010
Casey FentonCasey Fenton 07/04/2007
Small Purple UnicornSmall Purple Unicorn to share my thought and Illustrate new ideas 08/21/2012
Brettman SmithBrettman Smith ro help! :) 05/28/2010
ANGELO AANGELO A new ideas 02/13/2013


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CouchSearch on problematic cities: "successful requests ratio"MONAMIPIERROT5  08/16/2011
Is there a way to block a person from seeing my last login location status?Jen Jud4  08/16/2011
what's happened to the couchsearch?Kasper Lurcock3  06/27/2011
Find all group members living in a given areaDan Jacobson2  10/01/2010
language level in searchStefano Ciarcià4  09/17/2010
couchsearch ideasIRISARCOIRIS-  05/26/2010
Update: Two Week DeadlinePatrick R. Crossman2  09/16/2009
Is it just my log-in, or...?Enzo Pettener1  06/22/2009
past events page ideaWrenaqua Claus-  06/10/2009
Is your couch?Patrick R. Crossman23  04/03/2009
Four more "attribute" sectionsPatrick R. Crossman17  04/03/2009
Groups and populationIrene Tamayo-  08/16/2008
Friend of FriendPeter Guštin-  06/18/2008
Veggie or CarnieDANDANN-  04/02/2008
Search for CSers NOT in your groups?TOTA and FHEIN1  02/10/2008
Keyword Search?SBCA_Bodybuild1  02/07/2008
CarpoolRachel Carlson1  12/15/2007
Suggestion rehash from Q v. Q groupJames Smith7  11/13/2007
Couchsearch result list sorting algorithmMyf Ma1  10/23/2007
Lost Login sorting?Davey and Christina Bar-Shimon1  10/20/2007
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