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!New in Shanghai/Short Stay in Shanghai! 【初到上海】


shanghai Cs group currently have 2 regular weekly meetups,

thursday pudong lujiazui meetup

and saturday language exchange

both have 30-40 attendees per meetup at least, they would be the best way to get to know a lot of Csers in a short amount of time and make new friends during your time of staying in the city.


Shanghai is a scintillating city bristling with rapid cultural change. Since market restrictions were lifted, Shanghai has embraced the forces of business and design and rewritten its modus operanti, shaping a fresh, new city that is sophisticated, innovative and living a life it has never lived before. Embracing every incoming cultures with wide open arms and sharp curiosity, Shanghai is the hotspot of modern China; a cosmopolitan city buzzing with the concept of 'lifestyle revolution', showcased in the architectural temples of art, fine dining and contemporary urban living on The Bund. It is also where the real China could be found deep in the linong and alleys, be it in the French Concession, in Hongkou district, in Luwan district, but the wanderers would have to lose her map and not be afraid of getting deep down the alleys to find the old, charming and authentic Shanghai.

The Shanghai Couchsurfing community has at least two regularly scheduled meetups per week in addition to other gatherings.

Some of the upcoming events are listed below.

Be sure to check the forum for specific details and possible last minute changes.

Weekly THURSDAY Meetup at O'YAMEE Cafe. 7:00 PM til late. Beers are 15 RMB for Couchsurfers and they have good pizza as well.

O'Yamee is in the shopping promenade literally above the Lujiazui subway station on line 2.
Take exit 3 and go up the escalator to the ground level. Then turn right and take the stairs up to the promenade level and you'll see the cafe.

Weekly SATURDAY Language Exchange Meetup on the 2nd floor (occasionally 3rd if 2nd floor is full) of the Starbucks at 37 Shaanxi Nan Lu near the crossing with Changle Lu from 1 PM to 5 PM. The closest metro station is Shaanxi South on line 1.

If you want to add events to this section, please send a message to Barryfun. My best advice for people new to Shanghai is to remember the "Magic Number." The Shanghai government offers a free 24-hour hotline for foreigners in multiple languages (English, French, Japanese, etc.) if they need any help talking to taxi drivers, finding restaurants, etc. The number is 962288.

INFORMATION FOR TRAVELLERS: TRANSPORTATION: Metro: all information and map can be found on this excellent bilingual (EN/CH) website, exploreshanghai.com

Find more information on transportation in the Shanghai Wiki RESTAURANTS, BARS, PARTIES, EVENTS: The best way for you to find a good restaurant, a local cheap eat with authentic food, is to contact a local couchsurfer!

Otherwise, you can also browse one of the few English language expats' website: -
Shanghaiist - Smart Shanghai - City Weekend - Urbanatomy

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Miller_GMiller_G moderator 01/09/2013
Benji_DBenji_D Live in Shanghai and want to meet CSers...experience more of this beautiful city! 02/21/2013
Chou TANGChou TANG 02/18/2013
Cleo SuenCleo Suen 06/13/2013
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mingmin Xumingmin Xu its a great way to meet people 03/19/2014
Jinjin XieJinjin Xie new in shanghai 04/09/2014
MADZIA_NMADZIA_N Internship in Shanghai from 12th of April 03/10/2013


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