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A group to share knowledge and information about Liberia. For people coming to Liberia and people interested in Liberia.

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Created: Aug 15, 2004
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Arshad HayatArshad Hayat Explore culture, traditions and people 08/22/2010
THOMAS.BornTHOMAS.Born like the country 04/09/2013
Jonas SpekkerJonas Spekker Currently living in Monrovia 04/01/2013
LJ667LJ667 Heading to Liberia to live later in 2012 04/12/2012
Katie FahrlandKatie Fahrland I am moving to Monrovia later this year for work 07/17/2011
Roberto MíguezRoberto Míguez Travelling to Monrovia 07/01/2013
Titus and GeorginaTitus and Georgina i love liberia. been there several times. My wife is from there. 12/22/2013
NAEDELLINAEDELLI because I'm going to travel to Liberia 01/11/2014


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Would you please add Liberia to my map?Kendrick Kaufman-  04/16/2014
Meet people in LiberiaNAEDELLI-  01/12/2014
visiting Liberia in DecemberGRAHAM ASKEY-  11/15/2013
LAST MINUTE TRIP TO MONROVIA! 3 days to explore. Free bicycle provided !LONDONAIRCREW-  06/26/2013
Share Liberia with the world, BE A PART OF THE "MEANWHILE" MOVIE MAKING PROJECT !!!Clément Elbaz-  04/29/2013
Travelling through your country February - April!VAGA.KIMMIE5  03/19/2013
greetings liberia! do you like reggae?mega.g-  03/13/2013
Coming to Liberia next weekStephen WP-  03/01/2013
Next event?Isa L-Morin5  01/08/2013
Roberstport for the holidays? ride share?Isa L-Morin-  12/16/2012
Any surfers out there?Isa L-Morin-  12/09/2012
Coming to Monrovia and would like to meet peopleLillian Naka-  07/19/2012
CS Meet - MonroviaISTOKHODUS2  06/16/2012
how is the situation of Monrovia? Safe?Shams Ulusoy1  01/27/2012
Gonna live in LiberiaMarco Mrozek4  12/08/2011
What Happening in Monrovia?Melissa Mullan-  11/22/2011
Sirleaf responsible for civilians being shot???? what???Lucy Gallard2  11/09/2011
Listen and relax ;) What do you think??miguelxestrada-  11/08/2011
MUST VISIT in liberiaISTOKHODUS2  10/19/2011
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