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Autumn Years

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Filippo Angileri
Filippo Angileri
Joined: Oct 28, 2011
Last visit: Jan 24, 2012
i'am 58 old year

Italy, Sicily, Trapani
Joined: Jul 14, 2010
Last visit: May 21, 2011
Pakistan, Islamabad Capital Territory, Islamabad
Ashwani and Meera Nayar
Joined: Nov 10, 2011
Last visit: Jul 24, 2012
Am 50 Plus and get along well with people of this age group as I enjoy their experiences and life stories.

India, Delhi, New Delhi
Yvonne Ward
Joined: Feb 22, 2011
Last visit: Feb 21, 2013
Cos I Qaulify

England, Lincolnshire, Lincoln
Mary Klimm
Mary Klimm
Joined: Jun 4, 2011
Last visit: Apr 11
I'm m over 60..interested in travelling..love meeting people

Canada, Ontario, Kitchener
Joined: Sep 1, 2007
Last visit: Oct 19, 2007
I am 62 -

United States, New York, Schenectady
Joined: Apr 13, 2008
Last visit: Apr 24, 2011
I am 67,and senior, and also belong to Red Hat Society.

United States, Georgia, Norcross
Rita Solem
Joined: Dec 20, 2010
Last visit: Feb 22, 2011
I'm 62 years old and I think people a lot younger then me would prefer the company of people closer to their age. Perhaps I feel the same way.

United States, Montana, Billings
Cheryl Boegeman
Joined: Feb 9, 2005
Last visit: Jun 27, 2007
We are in our 50's and thus are attracted to this group.

Canada, British Columbia, Burnaby
Leeanna Devlin
Leeanna Devlin
Joined: Jul 21, 2006
Last visit: Jul 21, 2006
Autumn is wonderfull and is something to celebrate.It,s good to know there are people who know it is a priviledge to be in our autumn years.

Scotland, Glasgow, Glasgow
Esther Lorenz
Joined: Sep 22, 2007
Last visit: Aug 27, 2008
b/c it's neat to meet older CS'ers too.

Canada, Nova Scotia, Chester
Evelyn Florence
Evelyn Florence
Joined: Feb 28, 2009
Last visit: Feb 28, 2009
Because I am a certain age

England, West Sussex, Bognor Regis
Wendy Hartley
Wendy Hartley
Joined: Dec 19, 2007
Last visit: Jul 25, 2008
autumn is awesome

Australia, Tasmania, Somerset
Joined: Jun 8, 2005
Last visit: Oct 20, 2011
A yougster at heart my leaf is yellowing

Norway, Hordaland, Bergen
Maya P Mendoza
Joined: Feb 3, 2011
Last visit: Feb 11, 2011
To find surfers more my age

United States, Hawaii, Waianae
Richard and Elaine DeBock
Richard and Elaine DeBock
Joined: Jan 30, 2006
Last visit: Jun 10, 2011
We're both in our 50's. We retired recently & hope to travel lots.

Canada, Alberta, Killam
Palmina Panozzo
Joined: Dec 31, 2006
Last visit: Apr 30, 2012
autumn is better if you have the chance to live it with someone else

Italy, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Gradisca d'Isonzo
Marianne Laszlo
Marianne Laszlo
Joined: Mar 19, 2012
Last visit: Apr 27, 2012
because im up than 50

Hungary, Pest, Torokbalint
Joined: Sep 18, 2012
Last visit: Apr 18
Really,am in Autumn Years...

Uzbekistan, Tashkent City, Tashkent
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