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Autumn Years


For the older Couchsurfers, just so we can find each other easily. I'm thinking 50 and up, but there is no definitive cut off age.

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Created: Feb 7, 2005
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Laura K. Tucker Laura K. Tucker moderator 02/07/2005
Annemarie Douglas Annemarie Douglas Is autumn years also suitable for summerloving 64? 07/13/2009
Yvonne Ward Yvonne Ward Cos I Qaulify 02/22/2011
Debbie ThurstonDebbie Thurston couches in my age group 06/26/2012
OPLA OPLA to meet autumn leaves 02/26/2014
Ashwani and Meera Nayar Ashwani and Meera Nayar Am 50 Plus and get along well with people of this age group as I enjoy their experiences and life stories. 11/10/2011
Mary KlimmMary Klimm I'm m over 60..interested in travelling..love meeting people 06/04/2011
AAJA26JANAAJA26JAN To meet people close to my own age, give or take a decade! Presently on Vancouver Island checking out possibilities of wintering here, house sitting or volunteering at ecovillages. Need some connections, people to tell me about what it's like to live here 08/14/2013


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hi czeslaw!Laura K. Tucker2  03/11/2005
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