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I am from Okinawa, Japan, and I am proud of being an Okinawan! I want to share "Okinawaism" with YOU!
Come and visit Okinawa. :):):)

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Yuta Eric KinjoYuta Eric Kinjo moderator 02/08/2005
Ricky Daley Ricky Daley Just moved here and want to know everything 01/18/2013
Juan José Díaz SaccoJuan José Díaz Sacco I love OKINAWA!!!!!!!!!!!! 04/25/2009
Karina.TsuKarina.Tsu 02/26/2014
Beruang BrianBeruang Brian Going to Oki! 10/10/2012
Mayumi TauMayumi Tau cuz I'm from OKINAWA 12/21/2007
LarsDerEisbaerLarsDerEisbaer because I want to! :-) 02/12/2014
Ryan Springer Ryan Springer I'm visiting Okinawa for a week! 04/14/2014



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Poll: Zamami Info LinkYUTA10  10/05/2016

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Flagged postsModerator 1  04/06/2012
3 months in Okinawa, when?Juan Uicich2  04/03/2014
今日一緒に食べましょうか?:) 私は今晩東京に帰る。。Justin Clune-  03/29/2014
Okinaw in the end of AprilAlexandra Produnova-  03/26/2014
Diving in Kerama IslandsPierre Bear3  03/07/2014
join a driving groupMarkus Ketzler-  03/05/2014
Diving with Humpback Whale SharkGwendyln Chong1  02/12/2014
Looking for people to meet in Naha!Vince Torfer-  02/11/2014
Camping in NahaPradeep Jha-  02/06/2014
Moving to Japan in few monthsRafael Ferrin7  01/24/2014
Living information in NahaYen Ju Chen-  01/16/2014
Okinawa to Taiwan???!allan Dransfield1  01/11/2014
need a couch on 18th of JanMiko Wu1  01/02/2014
Two Icelanders in Okinawa. Looking for a couch/new friends/adventuresHlin Ólafsdóttir1  12/31/2013
Traveling 30th Dec to 7th Jan, any recommendation???mayumi Fukuda-  12/14/2013
Okinawa in December--- any suggestions?Janban Lee-  12/13/2013
Italian student -> Okinawa+Iriomote -> 12/24-01/01 -> looking for HOST and FRIENDSJACKYDRA1  12/01/2013
Looking for couch to surf! 13~16,DecemberYuka Yeh-  11/11/2013
New to the islandAndy Hansen-  11/09/2013
Last minute Host needed (16-18th Oct )@ Naha~ Malaysian+Norwegian combination~Felicia Zoe-  10/15/2013
Looking for Jobs/ Activities/ VolunteeringSheaumun Wong1  09/30/2013
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