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I am from Okinawa, Japan, and I am proud of being an Okinawan! I want to share "Okinawaism" with YOU!
Come and visit Okinawa. :):):)

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Yuta Eric KinjoYuta Eric Kinjo moderator 02/08/2005
LarsDerEisbaerLarsDerEisbaer because I want to! :-) 02/12/2014
Beruang BrianBeruang Brian Going to Oki! 10/10/2012
Mayumi TauMayumi Tau cuz I'm from OKINAWA 12/21/2007
jasmine Hardingjasmine Harding I am currently living in Okinawa 02/12/2014
Ricky Daley Ricky Daley Just moved here and want to know everything 01/18/2013
Elza JeantyElza Jeanty 02/01/2014
Yutaka Tsukamoto Yutaka Tsukamoto I have started living in Okinawa, and want to make more friends! 04/19/2014



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Poll: Zamami Info LinkYUTA10  10/05/2016

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Flagged postsModerator 1  04/06/2012
Meet up in Naha!Seb Morgan1  08/24/2013
Soul and Funk Gig in Okinawa City July 27th (SAT)Aska Pluskal-  07/24/2013
Ishigaki and remote islands till 24thMEHVE-  07/19/2013
Travel/ diving buddies - July 8th-14thJulie Ferir1  06/10/2013
Hitch-hiking in June 2013Sahara_Fatima_and_Sam2  05/27/2013
ALGERIAN CS INVASION : DZAIRUSH 2013Sana Amine-  05/13/2013
Iriomote cross island trekRichard Biastoch-  05/09/2013
Suggestions for visiting OkinawaCheuk Lam Wan-  04/20/2013
Naha, today (December 27) and the rest of week-endLars and Ralfs1  01/27/2013
Travel hints/companions or Language/Cultural exchange 5th Jan - 9th JanViviana Chu1  01/03/2013
Looking to meet people! In Okinawa Dec. 20 - Jan. 5Amir Mehriary-  12/20/2012
Okinawa in DecemberLars and Ralfs4  12/02/2012
Dinner in the Evening, Beach/Castle in the morning.Johnny βravo-  11/30/2012
Japanese cellphone only 2900 per monthJerry Taro1  11/28/2012
Last minute couch request!Beruang Brian-  11/23/2012
very very last minute xxxSally Jones-  11/14/2012
Going to Okinawa in December 2012 !Brice Banctel-  11/10/2012
Okinawa Explorer booksTeodora and Hunor-  11/08/2012
Zanpa Jam November - 2 Day Festival, Yomitan OkinawaLouise Miura-  10/14/2012
PrapiroonAleksandr Drozd-  10/14/2012
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