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I am from Okinawa, Japan, and I am proud of being an Okinawan! I want to share "Okinawaism" with YOU!
Come and visit Okinawa. :):):)

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Yuta Eric KinjoYuta Eric Kinjo moderator 02/08/2005
Karina.TsuKarina.Tsu 02/26/2014
Ricky Daley Ricky Daley Just moved here and want to know everything 01/18/2013
Ryan Springer Ryan Springer I'm visiting Okinawa for a week! 04/14/2014
LarsDerEisbaerLarsDerEisbaer because I want to! :-) 02/12/2014
Yutaka Tsukamoto Yutaka Tsukamoto I have started living in Okinawa, and want to make more friends! 04/19/2014
Mayumi TauMayumi Tau cuz I'm from OKINAWA 12/21/2007
Beruang BrianBeruang Brian Going to Oki! 10/10/2012



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Poll: Zamami Info LinkYUTA10  10/05/2016

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Flagged postsModerator 1  04/06/2012
Please do you know any one ...Anna Olsson-  05/21/2012
Traveling by bicycle around the island this weekendJavier Alcázar5  05/09/2012
[Seek for couch] 9-17July 2012Chun Kong Mak1  04/29/2012
In Okinawa from May 9th-15thKen Pfile-  04/29/2012
looking for room to practice danceTeodora and Hunor-  04/17/2012
hajimemashiteEric Fournier2  04/06/2012
Roots and RamenHazel Cruzado5  04/01/2012
I'm looking for someone to stay my apartment @ Ginowan during I travelingMayu Akiba4  03/21/2012
scoooootar! :) x.x.x..Anna Somma3  03/19/2012
Hi~ Any suggestion on visiting OkinawaShuting Qu-  03/14/2012
20th to 22th of AprilNoriko Koshio-  02/29/2012
Anyone want to show me around?Truc_Q-  02/27/2012
advise needed about IshigakiTeodora and Hunor-  01/31/2012
Emergency Couch Needed...hear my sad story...Osaka_Jeff2  01/12/2012
Join 11-12/Dec./2011 Nago 2 Days March with flag "No Base in Okinawa"MASATO MINAMINO2  12/11/2011