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I am from Okinawa, Japan, and I am proud of being an Okinawan! I want to share "Okinawaism" with YOU!
Come and visit Okinawa. :):):)

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Yuta Eric KinjoYuta Eric Kinjo moderator 02/08/2005
LarsDerEisbaerLarsDerEisbaer because I want to! :-) 02/12/2014
Beruang BrianBeruang Brian Going to Oki! 10/10/2012
Mayumi TauMayumi Tau cuz I'm from OKINAWA 12/21/2007
jasmine Hardingjasmine Harding I am currently living in Okinawa 02/12/2014
Ricky Daley Ricky Daley Just moved here and want to know everything 01/18/2013
Elza JeantyElza Jeanty 02/01/2014
Yutaka Tsukamoto Yutaka Tsukamoto I have started living in Okinawa, and want to make more friends! 04/19/2014



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Poll: Zamami Info LinkYUTA10  10/05/2016

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