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Canada, little towns and villages

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Canada "off the beaten path" has so much to offer you! This group is for everyone wanting to travel in Canadian small towns and villages, but also for CouchSurfers living in rural areas who want to promote their village and inform us about what's happening in their part of the world. It intends to develop CouchSurfing in rural Canada, to get more CouchSurfers visiting these regions, and more interested hosts. So, please introduce your village!

Les régions du Canada ont tant à vous offrir! Ce groupe est pour tous ceux qui désirent voyager dans les petites villes et les villages canadiens, mais aussi pour les CouchSurfeurs demeurant en région qui veulent promouvoir leur village et nous informer sur ce qui s'y passe. Il vise à développer le CouchSurfing dans le Canada rural, et à ce que plus de CouchSurfeurs visitent ces régions et qu'il y ait plus d'hôtes intéressés. Alors, s'il vous plaît, présentez-nous votre village

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VAL AND MARTINVAL AND MARTIN moderator I created this group... 'coz I live in a little village! 07/11/2007
Jasmine ChangJasmine Chang I am a country girl from a small town. 08/17/2009
Barb Tilander-Mack Barb Tilander-Mack I live in a Hamet in Ontario - Marlbank - an official ghost town 01/08/2010
Richard and Elaine DeBockRichard and Elaine DeBock We live in Sedgewick, Alberta, a small prairie town of approximately 900 people located 200 km. southeast of Edmonton. We would love to share this quiet rural setting with travelers who want to see more of the world than just the its cities. 07/17/2007
Karen Golec Karen Golec The don't come much smaller or off the beaten path than Pickle Lake, Ontario. :-) 01/05/2010
Greg McAllisterGreg McAllister canadian who needs to explore more of this great country 08/01/2007
Manon Morin Manon Morin because I leave in a fantastic small town 04/16/2009
Erin KuhnsErin Kuhns Because I have something to offer about small towns 08/04/2008


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