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Coachella 2013 Weekend 1


The last two years we have had an amazing group of couchsurfers come together for Coachella. Let’s do it one more time. Use this place to organize the initial meetup, find rides, combine campsites and otherwise prepare yourself for the epic adventure that will be Coachella.

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Created: Mar 4, 2013
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Anne KavanaghAnne Kavanagh Flyby visit to Coachella! 04/08/2013
Jeff FroelicherJeff Froelicher coachella! 04/11/2013
Gerardo MendozaGerardo Mendoza Going to coachella 04/10/2013
Chandler MaeseChandler Maese Coachella weekend 1 was the best weekend ever! (besides the sandstorm) 04/27/2013
John AlexanderJohn Alexander I was invited by Curtis! 04/10/2013
Nathon SweetmanNathon Sweetman 03/04/2013
Wilson LauWilson Lau 03/04/2013
Raymond AcostaRaymond Acosta 03/04/2013


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Flagged postsModerator 1  04/03/2013
Total numbers of attendees at the two weekends of Coachella FestScott Ogden Mullins-  05/01/2013
French journalist looking for information about Coachella - Witnesses needed !Camille Grange1  04/29/2013
I am having coachella withdrawlsChandler Maese-  04/27/2013
Great Times at Camp CoachellaRaymond Acosta-  04/16/2013
Ride Today?? (Friday)Tyson Mayr-  04/12/2013
Join CS Mega Site Base Camp!Curtis Guerrero11  04/12/2013
7 camping spots, 22 camper, One MEGA SITECurtis Guerrero-  04/11/2013
Getting ready for Coachella...Curtis Guerrero1  04/10/2013
Don't Forget (stuff you don't want to be without)Curtis Guerrero-  04/10/2013
Set Time & MapsCurtis Guerrero-  04/10/2013
SELLING 2 Coachella WE1 Tix forGerardo Mendoza-  04/10/2013
2 tickets available Weekend 1 - and accomodation available.MarioLA7-  04/10/2013
Ticket needed, plus CS campspot, plus transport - weekend one or twoAnthony Williamson3  04/09/2013
Coachella Weekend One - The CS MEGA SITECurtis Guerrero2  03/29/2013
Any other car camper out there?Curtis Guerrero4  03/28/2013
Looking for a place to stay/share etc... Weekend 1MarioLA71  03/27/2013
The count down begins....Nathon Sweetman1  03/27/2013
An activity has been created for MEGA SITECurtis Guerrero-  03/04/2013
party like rockstars!Raymond Acosta-  03/04/2013