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If you are looking for a small group of friendly people to study with (everyone their own stuff but we will talk in the breaks), this is the group is for you!

I created a CS group so that we can form a study group and we can agree with each other when/where to meet. The idea is meeting at least on Tuesdays, but if possible more often, to study our own material but in nice company.

Cs/friends can motivate us to study regularly (for me 1 hour in the library is like 4 at home, I study much better there).

How to participate:
- in this group: please join the group and say when you normally have the time to go to a library/study room.
In the evening I would prefer the one in Gracia or maybe Sagrada Familia.

From Mondays to Fridays from 9pm till 1am are open the following study rooms:
1) Sala d'estudi nocturna Vila de Gràcia (c.Torrent de l'Olla, 104. Tel. 932 847 790. A/e: b.barcelona.vg.estudi@diba.cat)

2) Sala d'estudi nocturna Sagrada Família (c. Provença, 480. Tel. 934 508 733. A/e: b.barcelona.sf.estudi@gmail.com)

A list of all study rooms:

- in a study group activity (which I often create on the activity page):
just show up at the place indicated in the activity saying that you are coming (if no one confirms I am not necessarily going). If you are not sure how to meet please write me a message (through my profile). Thank you! :)

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Created: Mar 5, 2013
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