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Our host can no longer host us tonight! Can anyone else?




My name is Shane, and I'm a mathematics lecturer from London; my girlfriend, Annie, is an art student in Baltimore; and the two of us are travelling along the west coast from Los Angeles to Vancouver.

We plan to stay tonight and tomorrow night in San Francisco, and someone had agreed to host us, but unfortunately now he can only host us tomorrow night, so we're looking for a host for today, Tuesday Mar 26.

We'll be checking our messages with the phone app as we drive in, so we should be able to respond quickly. If you can't host us, it would still be helpful if you could direct us to the couchsurfing section of the site or the phone app, because I can't find it!

Just so you know a little more about us, Annie has lived in California, but the west coast is new to me, so I'm very much looking forward to seeing its ins and outs. Even if you can't host us, if you have any recommendations it would be great to hear them.

Anyway, I look forward to hearing from you, and thanks in advance.

Annie and Shane

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