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Lomography lovers


For anyone who discovered the amazing world of Lomography and wants to share his own experience, or for anyone who wants to know about it ;)

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Created: Apr 3, 2013
Type: Public

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Lucia CornelliLucia Cornelli moderator 04/03/2013
Safaa Sabri Safaa Sabri 04/20/2013
Murat ÇakıcıMurat Çakıcı 03/24/2014
Buğra YılmazBuğra Yılmaz 01/19/2014
majorbonobo majorbonobo 08/13/2013
gabriel Ptacekgabriel Ptacek LOVE LOMO & love Licia for founding this group! DANKE DIR :) 04/03/2013
Roland HannerRoland Hanner Although Im a beginner I already love Lomography 04/03/2013