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Âllo âllo everyone - take a look and join..

For all the people living in and/or loving Neukölln and who want to share their enthusiasm, happenings and news about this great and underestimated part of Berlin.
Come on, join forces!

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Created: Jul 20, 2007
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VELOPHILVELOPHIL moderator 07/22/2007
Sarah Milena JochwedSarah Milena Jochwed moderator because we need some frekin´action in Neukölln! 07/20/2007
CAMPIONECAMPIONE live here 08/22/2013
Billy DendrinosBilly Dendrinos i live in berlin since 3 years , and i would like to see and share nice places and events :) 01/15/2014
VALERUBVALERUB I live here! 10/30/2008
Oxana DúbovaOxana Dúbova living in neukölln :) 04/17/2014
Erin LikinsErin Likins Will live either in or nearby Neukölln this summer 03/17/2014
Claire MacdonaldClaire Macdonald 04/11/2014


Red Octopus278972925

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CS Meeting in Neukölln @ Villa Rixdorf 25th of JulyVerena Röll2  07/23/2013
Anyone needs a room from 17th of August to 13th of October in Neukölln??Verena Röll-  07/23/2013
erasmus student looking for an accomodation from October to FebruaryValeria Querini-  07/21/2013
ROOM SEARCHYves K.-  07/15/2013
Looking for a room in a WG or a 1 Zimmer WG :)Simona Vacca-  07/12/2013
drink beer in berlin!Sofie Engström von Alten5  07/11/2013
offer: BVG ticket AB (10 pm) from 11.-16-07LEOPOPEO1  07/09/2013
HELP!! I need a couch from 25/07 to 27/07!!Gabriela FonPer-  07/09/2013
Neukölln Meeting @ Lange Nacht/11th of JulyVerena Röll-  07/06/2013
Fully furnished small room from 24.07 (for 2-3 months)Sara Nowakowska-  07/05/2013
Apartment , searching (long term) plssss help!FLAKITA-  07/04/2013
Neukölln Meeting @ Villa Rixdorf / 26th of JuneVerena Röll1  06/25/2013
room for 1 weekCeleste Barkow González-  06/24/2013
Do we want to rent a Yoga place together? :)Anna Scirè-  06/24/2013
have any things you dont want?Sofie Engström von Alten-  06/15/2013
Search: ROOM from 1st of August onwards :)Geso 10013  06/12/2013
48 h Neukölln 14-16 JuneLenaLuggage-  06/11/2013