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CS Shared Flat Project



CS members sharing one flat
or a building with some flats
or a farm
or a beach house
or a hut in the mountains

wouldnt that be great: to travel and gather?

or to have the possibility to visit around the world a CS Shared House/Flat
meet friends and enjoy a nice stay?

Consider how cool would be to team up with your house mates on creative projects

>caring for a green garden,
>organizing an arts expo
>a tour in the city for new CS members

or maybe creating something completely new, like a project:

While i was living in Belgium along last few months, did some research on a 40 years old project on community living at the UCL University in Louvain la Neuve, which has actually a wonderful impact on softskills, collaboration, self-management and leadership skills building as well, resilience.


Well, i decided to publish a booklet and some interviews, for online free reading, wishing it to travel around the world, and benefit all type of human-based organizations, including online networks as CS (all chapters are available on prezi)

The kap experience, community living, is a wonderful tool for empowering resilience collaboration, and advance management and self management skills. It could be also a very practical self-education experience, for those ones that like the idea to explore on the human factor side of the equation.

Well, consider that possibility, to create at each CS-Location a CS-House / CS-Flat, where to share with other CS-Friends.

Is that feasible? i am sure that many CS members involved in real state business would say yes.

Now...would you try out the experience for some weeks, months or years? to share a flat with that guy or girl you share the In Forums and CS Activities with?

It could work out very well as an experience for singles, or for families (multi-flat house), a wonderful collaborative co-working space integrated to housing for entrepreneurs, an an ideal solution for season business travelers that visit the locations several times a year.

How do you like the idea, would you join us?

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Luis Daniel Maldonado FonkenLuis Daniel Maldonado Fonken moderator 05/09/2013
Jean MarteauJean Marteau Hi i would like to develop a project like that + IOT lab :-) 05/09/2013
Bernardo LancherosBernardo Lancheros 06/01/2013
Martín SzyszlicanMartín Szyszlican Interestged 05/09/2013
Nora LinnNora Linn 05/29/2013
Mo Morgan Mo Morgan Good idea 07/21/2013
Mostafa ZargarchiMostafa Zargarchi To be contacted 07/28/2013
Charlotte LigerCharlotte Liger I love the idea 07/22/2013


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