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If you are a woman and you are traveling alone, you may consider to join the WOMEN TRAVELERS IN ITALY group

Hi all!
This group is meant to help all travelers who need a couch in Italy. It can help you to travel and to find also last minute couches in places where usually tourists don't go. Try to be creative and try to discover better Italy by visiting places out of the touristic routes: there is a lot to discover in this country outside the usual routes!

The best way to request couches is not this group but a friendly and personal couchsurf request to members in every single place you wish to visit: use the CouchSearch tool and try to find your suitable host. That is the best way to use CS, because you create a personal connection between you and your future host and there is also the chance to know something about her/him before you go there.

Here you have some Couch Request tips

We also recommend you to read carefully the profiles of people you will request a couch and also the profile of people who will contact you privately. That's important to avoid misunderstandings and to enjoy your journey.

Please, AVOID ABSOLUTELY TO LEAVE YOUR PRIVATE CONTACT DETAILS (LIKE YOUR PHONE NUMBER AND YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS) IN PUBLIC: that can be a way to get misleading and malicious couch offers and it can be a dangerous way to find a host (you can be contacted also by non cs people)

Remember that there are already some SOS or hosting groups in certain locations:
- Turin
- Milan
- Venice and Veneto
- Bologna
- Florence and Tuscany
- Rome
- Naples
- Sicily

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aeri Ryuaeri Ryu i will visit to Italy 06/10/2012
BERGHEM BERGHEM hosting near Milan 12/31/2013
José Pablo Sáenz CastilloJosé Pablo Sáenz Castillo Ill be going there next year to check out some universities 03/23/2014
Ania TukajAnia Tukaj 04/05/2014
ANDY SID ANDY SID 08/27/2010
Rahmet AkpolatRahmet Akpolat 06/08/2013
donataadonataa I am traveling in Italy and i am looking for somebody to host me 04/12/2014
NOLIMITSNOLIMITS i have a couch 02/22/2012