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Paris roller


A group for persons who want to practice roller skating in Paris!

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Created: Jul 25, 2007
Type: Public

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FAOU FAOU moderator cuz 11/28/2008
RITCH05031976 RITCH05031976 moderator 07/25/2007
Arnaud GaltierArnaud Galtier to find CSers to roller blade with on friday night 05/08/2010
Aldijana KadicAldijana Kadic 02/22/2014
Cecile KLAUSCecile KLAUS I've been skating at Pari Roller for years 02/01/2011
Duncan WelchDuncan Welch want to skate better! 09/27/2010
PHILIPPE.75PHILIPPE.75 Roll 08/16/2013
ALOHA75017ALOHA75017 08/21/2013


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  Title By Replies Date
Rollerdance/SkatedanceCecile KLAUS1  04/01/2014
To get a cheap rollerFLOWEROFPEACE3  09/27/2013
Friday night feverLostInTranslati0n-  09/19/2013
Rando Roller ParisAdeline Syfert6  09/06/2013
CS Roller in Paris will be back !!!Gregory Beaudoux3  05/07/2013
Bastille Rando 14h30Antoine Driot1  08/26/2012
Some riding in Paris saturday/sundayAntoine Driot2  08/18/2012
roller training/lessons todaydon Salluste-  08/18/2012
Roller event this tuesday (7th)JAKAJAK-  08/04/2012
Who wants to roll in weekend?ZAGAIEVSKI5  07/21/2012
quelqu'un dans la balade de bastille aujourd'hui?Antoine Driot-  04/29/2012
Inline class with beginnerUwe JASINSKI21  04/16/2012
Wanna play / umpire Roller Derby ?Clement Nolleau-  04/06/2012
Join the undergroundCecile KLAUS-  03/31/2012
Coming from Brazil and I want to rolelrbladeShana Schroder5  02/29/2012
Paris roller on Friday nightJean-Christophe Pineault-  01/10/2012
Roller skating in Paris this weekend (4 - XII)ANDER FUENTES-ARRIZABALAGA-  12/02/2011
Rando tonight ?Antoine Driot3  11/12/2011
Rollers Randonnee this sunday!Maria Celeste Catena-  10/21/2011
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