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This group is intended for people to share experiences and ideas about working your way around the world, especially without papers as many of us backpackers have to do.

For more resources, check out http://www.vagabondjobs.com

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Eddie ReynoldsEddie Reynolds moderator 02/27/2005
NAPOLEON-IN-RAGSNAPOLEON-IN-RAGS vagabond life 04/15/2014
Ariana PapantonioAriana Papantonio cause i'd like to share experiences and ideas about differents jobs around the world 05/04/2013
Fummy AwoyomiFummy Awoyomi Seemed cool. 12/16/2011
Paul Farrugia Paul Farrugia Its for me 04/11/2014
Pintero MendozaPintero Mendoza Working while traveling, the best! 03/08/2014
Antonio ZeravicaAntonio Zeravica 11/25/2013
callmemocallmemo sounds cool 05/10/2013


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Vagabond Jobs11
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  Title By Replies Date
Poll: Bodrum Campaign 4 Teaching Kids & Recycling (Turkish Riviera:) )POLARBROWNI16  12/05/2015
Poll: AnaANA.BASUJNO-  03/16/2014
Poll: Offering English or Spanish lessons for Portuguese or other languages ANA.BASUJNO1  12/18/2013

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Flagged postsModerator 1  12/27/2011
Miss Etiquette Wanted in ShanghaiStella Stone-  04/16/2014
Looking for German speakers in Lisbon, PortugalLieke van Gestel-  04/15/2014
Welcome Guatemala! Fresh food and good bed for free!Chilero Mucha3  04/14/2014
Free Volunteering Opportunities WebSitet0ma54  04/14/2014
Need Ride Tampa -> Atlanta (paid trip)PSYCHOKITSUNE-  04/13/2014
Sign up to a top travel site as voted by The Guardian.Paul Farrugia-  04/11/2014
FREE TRIP ! 21-Days tour South Africa, Botswana & ZimbabweNicolas Ivan Bori23  04/10/2014
Volunteering/job in MADAGASCARElena Nacheva-  04/10/2014
Do you know about any job vacancie in OSLO or any other city in NORWAYJavier Castrillo-  04/10/2014
EARNING ONLINE: SmalfilandATLWEAH6  04/09/2014
Volunteer Central & South America ( don't pay to volunteer like with big orgs)Tina Aye1  04/08/2014
Travel, Have Fun, Potentially get Paid to do so by Myself & Party like Rock Stars Around the World!!!Desi Corriette7  04/07/2014
Need a vagabond job around the world?Theodore Papassotiriou3  04/02/2014
Need a job in Mexico CityPuja Paz4  03/31/2014
It is not a job but you could earn money. Mystery shoppersJairo López Carrascal2  03/29/2014
job around Oslo or BergenAndelko Gusic-  03/28/2014
new life starting from NYC and going towards...Ivar Benci-  03/27/2014
Work Travel New ZealandHenrik Choo-  03/27/2014
Looking for a job in BelfastGenesis Menoni-  03/25/2014
Looking for a job in Saudi Arabia preferably ESL InstructorNabeel Khan-  03/24/2014
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