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►POLYGLOT club - Practice All Languages !


Welcome to the CouchSurfing POLYGLOT Paris group :-) !!!!

Practice all languages during weekly and special group events ALMOST EVERY DAY.
If you want to learn a new language and exchange with native speakers to improve your language skills, if you are a student, an employee of an international company, a globe-traveller or simply eager to discover new cultures, you are at the right place!

You'll find all details here :-)

And the latest TV shows here:

Coming up events :

POLYGLOT EVENTS @ Snax Kfé, 182 rue Saint-Martin

- Every TUESDAY (8PM-midnight)

- Every THURSDAY (8PM-midnight)(8PM - midnight)

POLYGLOT PARTIES @ Club LES QUATRES VENTS 18 rue des quatres vents

- Every SATURDAY (8PM - 6 AM)


- ESPAÑOL - FRANCÉS: Every WEDNESDAY (8PM - midnight) @ Snax Kfé, 182 rue Saint-Martin

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►POLYGLOT club - Practice All Languages !1-
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