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Hi, this group intends to create a way to join trekkers, hikers, climbers from all borderlines that hurt our unique and beloved mountains of Pirineus.

Join at us if you feel you can find friends here to share some days to path some way at the Pirineus, exchange information or experiences...

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Hiking around Catalonia

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Created: Aug 2, 2007
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Hobbit FrodoHobbit Frodo moderator 08/02/2007
Magali LacosteMagali Lacoste the most beautiful mountains... 12/14/2013
Eliška VondráčkováEliška Vondráčková 03/16/2014
Julie Hendel  Astrup Julie Hendel Astrup cos I love climbing 02/07/2014
Salva CapellSalva Capell 01/11/2013
SAMUKDZSAMUKDZ quiero conocer gente, salir, viajar... 05/29/2011
MORSKOULMORSKOUL Qu'i anarèi a l'acabada deth mes de julhet o d'agost ! 07/12/2011
Adrián SatuéAdrián Satué 11/15/2011


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