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For anyone who likes Tibet - amazing mountains, aincient monasteries, religion that has been developed for thousands of years...

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PAKOCICA PAKOCICA moderator Tibet is a place of my dreams, and I wish the country gained its freedom back one day. 03/05/2005
Rafal KaniewskiRafal Kaniewski 04/11/2014
Helen KwanHelen Kwan will be traveling soon! 07/16/2013
Daria PawedaDaria Paweda I hope to visit Tibet 12/29/2009
Dylan GullyDylan Gully Planning to o to Tibet 04/11/2014
Willis MitchellWillis Mitchell I would like to travel to Mt Kailash 04/19/2014
Jigme LhundrupJigme Lhundrup I join in this group because i am working as a tour guide and operator in Tibet,so i can give good informations. 05/05/2011
Benyuan WeiBenyuan Wei live in tibet now,interested in meeting new friends and cultures 08/29/2013


camping in tibet1-
"Roof of the World": Ngari / Ali Prefecture3-
Tibet Companions: visit Tibet together130180

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