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This is goup for all Weddingers :-)
The most underestimated district in Berlin.
I just opend the group to see if there are an CS-people in the good old Wedding ....

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Created: Aug 15, 2007
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Katrin WolfKatrin Wolf moderator I live in the Wedding :) 05/20/2012
WIEGALD WIEGALD moderator 08/15/2007
Mario Z.Mario Z. just moved here...getting to know the area 11/20/2011
Julia DruelleJulia Druelle . 11/17/2010
errantlinguisterrantlinguist I used to live in Wedding 05/16/2013
Friedrich AndersFriedrich Anders 02/13/2014


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Flagged postsModerator 1  05/06/2011
Vorschläge für Okt.Treffen / suggestion for Okt.meetingBOINSCH9  10/08/2012
Sun 10/21 - Night of Songs - Berlin House Concert with Emaline Delapaix and John StatzAlice Schwarze-  10/07/2012
2nd Annual Texas Couch Crash - Dallas, Sept 28-30!Tu Ngo2  09/25/2012
Need some place in basement for 6 monthsKsenja Stoychuk-  09/15/2012
Eschenbräu at 21st of September !!WIEGALD1  09/14/2012
Make up artist neededAlma Edelstein-  09/08/2012
Search for a roomAPRIL-ANNA-  08/23/2012
Russian cross-cultural researcher and travelerPeter Kurnygin-  08/19/2012
Australian Singer Songwriter Looking For House Concerts/Cafe Gigs from late Aug - OctHOPEGROWS-  08/05/2012
spontanous ghetto backyard barbecue today !GEMINITEAM1  08/04/2012
make musik in the parkBOINSCH1  07/21/2012
Woodstock Festival on 2nd of August anyone?Łukasz Kowalski-  07/13/2012
15/07 Contemporary dance workshop for beginnersAlma Edelstein-  07/13/2012
Wedding Food Cooperative: ready for new members!/ FoodCoop bereit fuer neuen mitgliedern!KATYREKK-  07/13/2012
Live Music at ERNST - tonight WednesdayBOINSCH-  07/11/2012
♥♥ 05/07/ Thursday Berlin CS Meeting at SoupaNovaGuenther Dorn-  07/05/2012
suche leute die spontan Mittagessen mitgehen-Mensa usw.Sabrina P2  06/29/2012