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Edvardas KarzenauskasEdvardas Karzenauskas 02/07/2014
Chris FrieswijkChris Frieswijk Visiting Mozambique soon 03/19/2014
Clara MarcClara Marc I'm going to visit this summer 04/02/2014
Clara Rodríguez VivesClara Rodríguez Vives Im going summer 2014 12/17/2013
VEROTOTOVEROTOTO My next holidays destination 04/14/2014
Sara Polselli Sara Polselli Visiting the country 06/20/2012
Edmilson SilvaEdmilson Silva 03/12/2014
Johanna RemusJohanna Remus Travelling through Mozambique 04/18/2014


Brasileiros em Moçambique1-
Vila do Buzi11

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Travelling in Mozambique - End of April for 1 monthJohanna Remus-  04/18/2014
Maputo - Kruger National ParkUschi Buchinger-  04/16/2014
Trip to MozambicVEROTOTO-  04/14/2014
Looking for a Mozambican native and Portuguese native for documentaryChris Frieswijk-  04/14/2014
holidays 2014 - férias 2014Clara Marc-  04/02/2014
tofo& coastline of mozambiqueVeera Virtanen4  03/22/2014
Brasileiros em Moçambique/Brazilians in MozambiqueVanessa Brito2  03/12/2014
looking to meet people from MozambiqueJason Crotty-  03/12/2014
Weekend trip to BileneTriinu Sikk-  02/19/2014
Looking for a room in ChimoioKatrin Eisenmann-  02/19/2014
Gys, what do this guy sing in this video? (funny video, watch just for a laugh)Edvardas Karzenauskas-  02/07/2014
Anyone going from Tofo to Nampula?Desmond_P-  02/03/2014
informationsKROL3031  01/29/2014
Valentine's DayCristiana CUAMBA-  01/21/2014
From Maputo to BILENE, for 2014 celebrationsJacob Zucula-  12/29/2013
a postcard from Mozambique for my wedding!CleNie2  12/26/2013
drumming and dancing schools in MozambiqueMariam Kirollos-  12/18/2013
Job opportunity & compansation under contractTeresa Haj-  12/13/2013
A job opportunityAhmed Shami-  12/10/2013
Need a room to rent Maputo/Matola July 2014Amy Hulme-  12/04/2013
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