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Spain CS Brainstorming / Organization


Spanish CouchSurfing Brainstorming / Organization

Members: 42
Sub-Groups: 1
Members in Sub-Groups: 4
Created: Aug 28, 2007
Type: Public
Moderated: Yes

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Iñaki Mezquita Iñaki Mezquita moderator Ex-city ambassador of Logroño 07/01/2008
APASHERO APASHERO moderator CS Ambassador 09/24/2009
Lauri BenegasLauri Benegas moderator CS Ambassador 06/28/2008
Hector Valcarcel Hector Valcarcel moderator CS Country Ambassador for Spain 08/28/2007
James Baratech Galup James Baratech Galup moderator CS Country Ambassador for Spain 03/13/2008
ruben tapia ruben tapia moderator CS Ambassador 10/14/2008
FrenzenFrenzen moderator CS Ambassador 09/24/2009
Il Conte Di Pantaleone Il Conte Di Pantaleone moderator CS Ambassador 09/24/2009


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