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Ok, Paris is really beautiful... but so small! lol
Paris is NOTHING without "Haut-de-Seine", the French Ddepartment Number 92, where there are so many good places to visit, so many pretty parcs, so many job offers (La Défense!) and also so many pubs and CS events!...
Yes, we are from Hauts-de-Seine, or we like going to this part of Paris, also called "the 21st arrondissement of Paris" because we have everything like in Paris (subway, RER, tram, animation...) but also green places and fresh air! lol
Welcome to 92 & make it a dynamic place!

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Jules Paris Jules Paris I live in Colombes 92 08/01/2011
Meghan OReillyMeghan OReilly I'm an American student who works in Nanterre and would like to connect with other couchsurfers in the area! 05/19/2012
Antoine NguyenAntoine Nguyen 09/20/2013
Carolina AyakéCarolina Ayaké J'habite dans le 92 09/10/2013
Luis JovesLuis Joves Moving to Asnieres! 11/01/2011
GulitonGuliton 09/18/2013
Barthélemy PENET Barthélemy PENET I'm from Asnières sur Seine 01/21/2011
Anthony ~ Nimp°Anthony ~ Nimp° I live in 92 ! 01/14/2008


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